Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Cancer Discovery Center in Los Gatos, Ca

This water damaged happen in a store in Los Gatos, ca store. Customer came in on Sunday morning to water coming down for the upstairs unit. Customer said it loo... READ MORE

Water pipe in living room. .

This water damaged in a San Jose, Ca kitchen was the result of a broken pipe. SERVPRO of SW San Jose, was called out to take care of customer water damaged. Cus... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Campbell

A property management customer of ours called us in a panic before the memorial day holiday weekend. One of the single family homes he manages suffered a comple... READ MORE

Water Damage - Fridge Supply Line

This customer in Los Altos called us in a panic because their kids were coming home from college in two weeks! They discovered the water supply line to the fri... READ MORE

Bathroom Sewage Leak in San Jose, Ca

This vanity room became flooded with sewage in San Jose, Ca. SERVPRO of SW San Jose was called in by one of the property managers to go out and take care of the... READ MORE

Kitchen Tile Underlayment Water Damage

SERVPRO of SW San Jose was out a kitchen in Cupertino, CA suffers from water damage to stone tile under layment. It was necessary to remove the tile for sub-flo... READ MORE

Burst Pipe - Mountain View, Ca

SERVPRO of SW San Jose was called out to a leak in a pipe inside a wall in Mountain View, CA. When SERVPRO got there and they stated opening up the wall to sta... READ MORE